The Shred-it Project is an example of one of our world class baling system installations.  This system, as you can see below, involved a dust evacuation feature with air filtration, a covered conveyor(also to control dust), and an auto-tie paper baler.

shredit 1

Truck Lane Approaching System


System Featuring Dust Curtain,Conveyor and Baler


Air Filter System with Dust Collection Bags


Trucks can back right up to the plastic curtain


Compacted Bales, tied off and ready for shipment


"Shred-it has partnered with American Recycling for quite a few years and at multiple facilities. As our Charlotte operation grew, American Recycling came alongside and helped us plan out our new facility. They helped design the plant layout as well as finding and installing all the equipment necessary to handle our recycling stream. The system included conveyors, a dust control system, and a hydraulic baler. They financed the entire system and simply deduct the lease payment straight from our monthly recycling revenues. The additional revenue captured from selling our baled material more than pays for the lease. American Recycling was professional throughout the entire process."

Brook Hobgood, General Manager, Shred-it

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