Office Paper Recycling

Volume Requirements

We require a minimum weekly volume of ten full 95-gallon containers in order to wave a nominal service fee. If the volume requirement is not met, our fee is $100.00 per month for once-per-week service. (Some geographical restrictions may apply). For accounts generating more than 5 tons per month of recyclable paper, we offer generous rebates with no fee.


For internal collection, we offer appropriately sized, aesthetically pleasing containers for desk side collection, and larger containers for high volume areas such as copier and printer areas. We also supply 95-gallon storage containers, which hold approximately 200 pounds, for the staging of the paper for pickup.

Getting Started

Our programs are designed to capture up to 80% of the waste generated in the typical office environment. To be most effective, three critical groups of people must be actively involved: Property Management,Office Employees and Cleaning Contractors. Property Management participates with us in the creation of the program and then monitors its success. After the program launch, Property Management’s primary role is to promote the program often and enthusiastically.

Office Employees participate by placing their recyclable paper and wet trash in separate containers, and by encouraging all their associates to pitch in. Cleaning Staff participates by collecting recyclables at the desk side and consolidating the recovered paper near a loading area. The custodial personnel are crucial participants of any successful office-recycling program.

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We Save You Money

Our focus is to save your company money through recycling. Give us a call today and find out how to preserve the environment, while also preserving your budget.

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What about confidentiality? Click here to find out.